Thursday, December 12, 2013

Recognizing the football past

In previous posts, I have detailed how I am a UTA athletics fan primarily, regardless of sport. While I would like a football team to resume at UTA, I want it done right and not at the expense of any other sport. If we field a cross country team, I want to win it (as our men did this year in the Sun Belt). If we field a tennis team, I want to win it. If we field a Tiddlywinks team, yes, fund it at the level where we can win.

That said, it doesn't mean I don't want a team. I just can at least recognize the situation the University is in regarding money. But one thing the Athletic Department has done since I started showing interest is to seemingly distance itself from the football issue. Our Hall of Honor had many members, but that was about it. My feeling was always one of ambivalence towards it.

UTA used to have a solid football program. It was on its way to being a solid program again when the plug was pulled. I have never understood why what we had wasn't celebrated more.

Today, however, when I looked at, the first story on the front page was a series from the Athletics Alumni entitled meet our Mavericks. The December issue is dedicated to the football team and Derrick Jensen, UTA's all-time leading rusher, is featured. I know about Jensen from the research I have done. There are people who know more, but guaranteed, very, very (add some more very's) few in UTA circles even know who he is.

Kudos to the Athletic Department for doing this. It doesn't mean we are going to bring back football soon. It just means we are recognizing our past. And in the case of Derrick Jensen, it means recognizing a very productive past.

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