Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UTA Mavericks blog

Greetings. I am a UTA Maverick. Graduated with a bachelor's in 2003, Masters in 2010. Began my love affair with the athletic department in 2000, shortly after I transferred to UTA. During that time, I was fortunate to be a sports broadcaster for much of the athletic department's team sports and witnessed many historical moments. My favorite is a tie: the 2001 NCAA Baseball Tournament, in which Craig Martin hit a late inning homer to win their first NCAA tourney game, and the 2003 NCAA softball team that beat Florida and Florida State in the tournament, behind the pitching of the staff ace, Katy Cox.

I intend for this blog to about commentary only. If you want game stories, that is what and are for. I will not compete with those, but I do want to add something that is missing, Maverick discussion that goes beyond the games.

I've had the desire to write a UTA-focused blog for a while, and no time like the start of the athletic year.

So with that, I give you...The Maverick Rambler.

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